Salon Secrets Spa's Giving Tree

This year we will be donating gifts and gift cards to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia! If you are interested in participating, please take a scroll from one of the jars hanging on our Giving Tree.  Each scroll contains a list of ideas, items listed are simply suggested.  You may choose items from the scroll or donate money or gift cards. Also, non- perishable food donations are being collected for the Kennett Food Cupboard. If you have any questions, please ask one of our staff members or call 610-444-0605.  Donations may be dropped off, unwrapped, anytime at Salon Secrets Spa. 0997B8DA-8A56-4A30-90B9-C521E0FD473F We wanted to share the story of Jennifer Tavel (a SSS team member) and the reason we chose CHOP for this year's Giving Tree! On September 9th 2015, Logan was born and we were so thrilled.  It was a few short hours later that our world came crashing down. Logan's heart was extremely enlarged and he needed to be transferred to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Our stay at CHOP was days short of 6 weeks.  During this time, we experienced a whirlwind of emotions. The doctors couldn't give us answers for weeks, until they sat us down and gave us the worse news we could ever hear. Logan needed a heart transplant. Although it was the hardest thing to hear, we finally had a plan. The plan was to complete all of the protocol of putting a recipient on the transplant list. It was the very last procedure that saved us from actually having to place our babies name on that list.  That procedure was a Heart Catheter. I remember the doctor's expression when discussing the results.  He was stumped. He sat us down; his words were "we don't know why or how, your baby's heart is very sick in images, but somehow it is putting out the pressures that the rest of his body needs." We soon realized how stumped all the doctors were.  Of course the medications he was on helped with the pumping of his heart, which lead to the pressures being stable, but the doctors had never seen a case like his. They were so convinced that he needed a new heart, that they told us the day before they were going to place his name on the list after his catheter was complete. He is followed closely by the Cardiac Doctors at CHOP.  He is on three different heart medications. We are constantly worried because even though he didn't need a new heart now, doesn't mean he won't later.  Honestly, his future is unknown as this point.  But he is growing and striving and doing everything they told us he wouldn't. He is currently 14 months old and has a big personality.  He was built tough! As you can imagine, CHOP is extremely important to me for several reason. The obvious one being that they saved my babies life and continue to give him the best medical attention he needs.  I want to take a moment to address the other things that CHOP does. From the beginning of our stay, they were extremely supportive. The Earth Angels, aka Nurses, go above and beyond their jobs.  They became family to us.  From my experience, the entire staff is fantastic. I remember saying that all hospitals could learn a few things from the way they operate. Although all of this is important, there is something that I will never forget.  I will never forget the generosity we experienced.  From meals being provided (sometimes multiple times a week) for the families going through a long-term hospital stay to gift cards to help pay for food and gas.  I couldn't believe that a complete stranger would care so much.  In those moments it felt like these people were specifically giving my family these gifts.   I'm extremely excited to pay it forward. To make someone else feel like someone out their cares, even when their world is crashing down. This year's annual giving tree is very important to me. Not only do we have an opportunity to give to the families, we also are collecting donations for the children who are bound to the walls of a hospital.  I hope that you will take the time to pay it forward with Salon Secrets Spa Crew. ☺

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